Disposable black Nitril gloves 60 pcs


Not every glove is suitable for the spraying process. When spraying, protection of the user is of the utmost importance Gloves must not only protect the user against splashes of chemicals, but also the paintwork so that it does not become contaminated. Paint is the most expensive cost item for a paint processing company, next to labor time. Nitrile Gloves prevent hair, skin flakes and skin fat from coming into contact with the paint. Colad Nitrile Gloves Black have been developed in such a way that they create the ideal conditions for working with lacquer.

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View the features of the Colad Nitrile Glove Range:

  • Naturally latex-free: Our gloves with the latex-free logo contain no natural latex. These are completely safe for people with a latex allergy.
  • Silicone-free: Our gloves with the silicone-free logo are made without silicone. This prevents contamination of the paint.
  • Single use: Our gloves with the logo single use must be discarded after use. This prevents contamination and guarantees clean work.
  • Powder-free: Our gloves with the powder-free logo have been washed 3 times during production. This makes them 100% powder-free to prevent contamination of the paint.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Category III in accordance with European Directive 2016/425/EU. Complex PPE protects against risks with irreversible health consequences.

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