Is a blue colored, 2 component, polyaddition curing silicone casting rubber that is extremely elastic and self-releasing. This rubber has a high tear resistance and good chemical resistance. May be used on all surfaces except glass or ceramics. In these molds you can cast moldings with UP – Epoxy – PolyUrethane or Zellaan.

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For the production of elastic negative molds with difficult shapes and very deep cuts. Is very thin liquid and can be poured easily. Low shrinkage. Already deformable after 60 minutes. Resistant to temperatures between -40°C and 200°C. A-Com pB-Comp Blue 4,000 mPa’s approx. 1.13 gr/cm³ white 4,000 mPa’s approx. 1.13 gr/cm³.

Processing: Always ensure a dry and grease-free surface. Mix the two components in a 1:1 weight ratio. Then pour the mixed rubber over the object. Minimum wall thickness 10 mm. Has an elongation of 380%. Tear resistance: 20 N/mm. If in doubt about the substrate, it is best to make a test piece or use release agent Trennspray. Be careful with plasticine based on phosphorus and sulfer.

Pot life: approx. 14-17 min. at 23°C. Fully cured after 60 minutes.

Shelflife: 18 months in closed packaging 18 months in closed packaging.



V-Sure originated from Vosschemie Benelux, which has its head office in Lier. V-Sure profiles itself as a specialist in cold-curing plastics. Their challenge is to find and deliver a suitable plastic solution to our customers even for the most difficult questions. Vosschemie Benelux combines more than 50 years of experience in offering plastic solutions with sound advice and high-quality products. They have united these characteristics in their own brand V-Sure. With this fully coordinated range of the highest quality products, they guarantee the best results.

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